Subject: 🦎🚀 Ankr has been wrecked

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Ankr (ANKR), a liquid staking service gets hacked for $5M.

The protocol suffered a multi-million dollar exploit due to a bug in its code that allowed for unlimited minting of its token.

The code behind the Ankr contract allowed any user to mint an unlimited amount of the protocol’s reward-bearing staking tokens without any verification.

In today's news, Apple blocks Coinbase for NFT reasons, new AI Chatbot can audit smart contracts, and Magic Eden enforces royalties.

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24h Hot Searches Worldwide 

  • BlockWallet               (-9.3%)

  • Aptos                         (+0.5%)

  • Optimism                  (+0.4%)

  • Ankr                            (-2.1%)

  • Destablecoin HAY    (-33.7%)                   

  • GMX                            (+5.4%)

  • Apollo                         (-6.1%)

Apple employs Greedisgood100000

Coinbase’s Wallet iOS application no longer supports NFT transactions because of Apple’s strict new policies on NFTs, which were announced in October.

While NFTs aren’t outright banned on Apple’s mobile app store, they are subject to a hefty 30% tax on every transaction. If developers cannot implement that requirement, their app will be blocked from the store.


AI will Replace Developers?

The online crypto community has discovered a new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chatbot, ChatGPT, that can either warn developers of smart contracts vulnerabilities or teach hackers how to exploit them.

However, some Twitter users have realized that the bot could be used for both good and evil, as it can be prompted to reveal loopholes in smart contracts.


Magic Eden Joins OS Royalty Movement

Magic Eden has become the latest platform to release a tool allowing creators to enforce royalties on their collections.

An additional feature of the protocol touted by Magic Eden is the ability for creators to introduce dynamic royalties — that could reduce the value of royalties of buyers who pay higher prices — and customizable token transferability which could see, for example, NFTs limited to several trades or be subject to a trade freeze for a set period.


Most people may have heard of Bitcoin and Ethereum, but there are over 900 other cryptocurrencies worldwide! In this video, let's look at the Top 20 cryptocurrencies ranked by market cap (data from CoinGecko 💚) summarised in one sentence.

Potentially over 1 million creditors, including 33 well-known institutions and projects, face losses in FTX’s collapse. Other entities that have been impacted include: Institutional depositors, lenders, investors in FTX, companies that FTX invested in, spin-off projects and other industry players which have paused business operations or have faced contagion fears in the wake of the bankruptcy filing.

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