Subject: 🔍 New Brave Browser Released!

Market Cap: $213,540,259,902
BTC Dominance: 53.0%
24h Vol: $10,834,827,658
ETH Dominance: 9.82%
🚀 Market Updates 🏎️

BTC:       $6,527   (-1.76%)
ETH:       $204      (-2.85%)
XRP:       $0.456   (-3.34%)
BCH:       $440      (-1.20%)
EOS:       $5.38     (-2.41%)

XLM:       $0.240   (-4.57%)
LTC:        $53.23    (-1.73%)
ADA:       $0.075    (-3.62%)
XMR:       $104       (-4.07%)
DASH:     $155       (-4.13%)
MIOTA:    $0.498    (-4.14%)
TRX:        $0.024    (-3.46%)
New Brave Browser Release Available for General Download

Brave Browser - The browser on which BAT works on, has unveiled a new revamped version of it's browser available for public download from its website. The new release (0.55) is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. The current version (0.25.2) is no longer avaible for download. But users will continue to receive necessary updates until they are fully upgraded to this new release in the near future. They are advised to download the new version as soon as possible.

The new version comes with a slew of new improvements and a revamped Brave Rewards beta, which will replace the current Brave Payment. BAT is among the few coins which may potentially be listed on Coinbase Pro.

Binance seeks to add more Stablecoin

Wei Zhou, Binance CFO told CoinDesk:

"We hope to be able to list a few more stablecoins on our platform, potentially adding the Gemini Dollar (GUSD) backed by the Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss."

"To be sure, Binance still sees USDT as a linchpin of the crypto markets. We do believe this stablecoin, as an entity, is critical for our ecosystem right now because it offers an alternative for investors to park their assets in something they can relate to."

Source: CoinDesk
Ethereum top 5 fastest growing open source project

According to data analysed by Github, Ethereum is the fifth fastest growing open source project. Github analysed data from Github and found that Ethereum experience an increase of contributions by 200%

Currently they are over 346 people contributing to the project with over 10 thousand Commits on the repository.

Source: Octoverse
📤 What are Nano Epoch Blocks?

On Nano network, all accounts are asynchronous, therefore Nano needs an asynchronous form of chain upgrades. Unlike Bitcoin, Nano is unable to perform chain upgrades at X block specifically, so the team developed Epoch blocks. The Epoch Blocks will begin distribution across the Nano network next week.

What are Epoch blocks?
Epoch blocks are the final stage of the Universal Block network upgrade and designate the end of the Legacy block. Upon adding the Epoch Block to an account-chain, old-style blocks added to the account-chain will no longer be validated by the node software.

How are Epoch blocks being distributed?
All Epoch blocks are signed by the Genesis account and will be added to each account-chain on the network, and to all un-opened accounts with pending receives. 

What can Epoch blocks change?
As an account-chain upgrade, Epoch blocks move accounts on the network from Epoch 0 to Epoch 1. Any future transactions will have a minimum version of 1 which cannot be received by Legacy blocks. When it is received by a State block, it automatically upgrades the account to version 1.

Epoch blocks do not change any balances or representatives on accounts. If an epoch block attempt to change account balance, the node would reject due to incorrect signature. Epoch blocks are planned as a one time us, but could be used in future upgrades again if deemed necessary.

Read the full interview here: Medium
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