Subject: 🦎🚀 Optimism says "Oops!"... 😨

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Has OP Winter begun … thanks to Wintermute?


Wintermute, a market maker chosen by the Optimism team, was sent 20 million OP tokens for liquidity provision, but they were unable to access these tokens because their multi-signature address has not yet been deployed on Optimism.

Due to this blunder, hackers were able to deploy the exact address much earlier, and assume control of the tokens. 

As of now, 1 million tokens have already been sold, which have been purchased by Wintermute and another million were sent to Vitalik Buterin’s address.

Wintermute intends to make the protocol whole by purchasing more tokens if they are sold by the attacker. 

In today’s news, Salesforce is launching a new NFT platform up shop in the home of competitive gaming, the Bored Apes are choosing to stay on Mother ETH, and the man behind the ‘metaverse’ is creating his own metaverse.

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Solana turns the light off on its magical NFT run, Goblintown continues to defy its namesake, and is Move-to-Earn dead?

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Discovering Atlendis 


Atlendis, previously JellyFi, is a new undercollateralized lending platform that recently went live. Some "BB" ratings pools are already live and users can deposit USDC on the Polygon network to earn yields up to 4.8% APY.


Since Atlendis does not have a protocol token yet, there are rumors (unsubstantiated) that they too will conduct an airdrop like what Goldfinch (GFI) did. Atlendis also boasts some impressive backings, including Lemniscap, Defiance Capital, and ParaFi Capital just to name a few.
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Cloudy with a Chance of NFTs

Salesforce, a major name in cloud-based software, is launching NFT Cloud, a new platform for minting and selling NFTs.

Although the website does not specify which blockchains will be supported, the platform mentions that it will not use any networks that run on Proof-of-Work.


As of now, the platform’s pilot program is only available to selected clients, but the offering will be expanded to more users in October.


ApeChain Abstained … For Now


ApeCoin DAO, the governance entity for ApeCoin (APE) holders, has chosen to keep the asset within the Ethereum ecosystem, following a snapshot voting period that lasted for 6 days.

The decision was a close one, as just over 53% of participants have chosen to stay on Ethereum (ETH), as opposed to migrating to Layer-2 solutions or other blockchains.


However, this outcome is not set in stone, and future proposals may be submitted within three months to regauge interest.


The ‘Father of the Metaverse’ Enters the Fray


The man who created the term ‘Metaverse’ is ready to launch a Metaverse blockchain known as LAMINA1.


Neal Stephenson, who explored the metaverse concept is his novel ‘Snow Crash’, co-founded the project with Peter Vessenes, the ex-chairman of the Bitcoin (BTC) Foundation.


While most interpretations of the metaverse are heavily focused on 3D virtual and augmented reality, Stephenson has shifted his vision towards a more 2D experience.


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