Subject: 🚀 Oyster Compromised; Maplechange Hacked

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Oyster (PRL) Smart contract compromise

A compromise was found in the Oyster Protocol token contract that caused an ICO re-open and token re-issuance of up to 3 Million new PRL, which the prepetrator sent to KuCoin to be sold. Almost $300,000 of buy orders were wiped out before it is being shutdown by KuCoin.

"After our initial review, we are i nclined to believe that these were solely the actions of Bruno Block [anonymous initial developer of PRL] and that he did this now to avoid detection from KuCoin KYC procedures" - CEO of Oyster William Cordes said.

Source: Medium
MapleChange Loses 913 Bitcoin ($6M) In alleged hack

Lesser known exchange MapleChange revealed that it had apparently fallen victim to a hack, resulting in a loss of consumer-owned funds. The exchange later shut down it's twitter and discord page for a day before coming back.

"We have not disappeared guys. We simply turned off our accounts temporarily to think this solution through. We cannot refund everyone all their funds, but we will be opening wallets to whatever we have left so people can (hopefully) withdraw their funds." The exchange tweted. Following the alleged hack, Maplechange rebuts claims of exit scam and works to return TRTL, TYCH, SKX, B2B, WAE, CFCC, SHIELD, DNR, XUN, SPES, LMO, and CCX coins to their customers. However, customers will not get their BTC and LTC funds back.

Cybersecurity firm revealed backdoor trojan on crypto price app CoinTicker

Malwarebytes reported in a blog post that one of it's users found two backdoors on the price monitoring macOS app. The blog reported that "EggShell and EvilOSX are broad-spectrum backdoors that can be used for a variety of purposes".

“Although this functionality seems to be legitimate, the app is actually up to no good in the background, unbeknownst to the user,” Malwarebytes’ blog post explains. In its own analysis, the publication suggests the app could well have purely been developed to distribute the trojan.
Malwarebytes reported that the app does not require root permission.

Source: Malwarebytes
🐳 Beginner’s Guide to 0x (ZRX)

0x is being described as an “open protocol for decentralized exchange on the Ethereum blockchain.” What this means is that anyone who wants to operate a decentralized exchange, can do so using the Ethereum smart contracts created by 0x.

0x was launched in 2016. The creators, Will Warren and Amir Bandeali, wanted assets to be represented as tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain. They aimed to create a standard protocol, helping the “tokenization” of things in the Ethereum Blockchain, allowing any Ethereum token to be traded by anyone, and also enabling anyone to operate a decentralized exchange.

These decentralized exchange operators are called Relayers, and can host off blockchain order books while charging fees for their services if they wish. On the other hand, 0x itself doesn’t charge any fee to use the protocol. The orders are only brought back onto the blockchain afterwards, once they need to be settled.
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