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US marshal auctioning 660 Bitcoin next month

The U.S. Marshals have announced a plan to auction off nearly $4.3 million worth of bitcoin next month. The Auction is scheduled to start on November 5th, requiring interested bidders to deposit $200,000 after registering their identification before Oct 31.

The agency listed that among the bitcoin auctioned included those forfeited in various federal criminal, civil and administrative cases. The auction would consists of several "blocks" of 100 bitcoin and a "block" of 60 bitcoin. bidders cannot view other bids and cannot change their bids once submitted.

"Tom Elvis Jedusor" strikes again?

Famous for anonymously publishing the "MimbleWimble" proposal. "Tom Elvis Jedusor" (French name for Harry Porter's Tom Riddle, orginal name of Lord Voldemort) released yet another paper in the "bitcoin wizards" chat channel.

This new paper, called "Fragmented Transaction Protocol," promises a second privacy boost, aiming to "obfuscate transaction amounts until the moment the coin is spent." It remains unclear whether the author was the same person who published MimbleWimble.

Source: CoinDesk
New Bitconnect lawsuit to consolidate previous lawsuits

Half a dozen lawsuits against the allegedly fraudulent cryptocurrency scheme BitConnect have now been combined into a single legal effort.

"The Amended Consolidated Class Action Complaint highlights those actors who participated in the creation of BitConnect and the promoters of BitConnect. The amount of fraud, and the amount of investment loss in such a short period of time is staggering. We hope to move the lawsuit along as fast as possible and hold as many people accountable both in the United States and abroad." attorney David Silver told Coindesk

Source: CoinDesk
An Interview with Charlie Lee: Satoshi Lite in 2018

What inspired you to start building Litecoin in the first place?
Initially, it was mostly just for fun. I wanted to play around with the Bitcoin code base. And then I also wanted to create something that complemented Bitcoin. So that’s where the “silver to Bitcoin’s gold” came from.

Could you elaborate on the relationship between Litecoin and Bitcoin?
I always saw that, in order for Bitcoin to stay decentralized and secure, it couldn’t be the best of both worlds in terms of being able to handle moving large amounts of money and also small amounts of money because both transactions would require the same amount of fees. Litecoin can act as a complement: it can be used for smaller amounts of money and have lower fees.

What do you see as the advantages and the challenges of being a public face for Litecoin?
I think that, for good reason, Satoshi remained anonymous and kind of left the project. The advantages would be, for instance two years ago when i saw SegWit as an amazing feature, I realized I could help out by pushing Litecoin towards getting SegWit activated. With Bitcoin, it’s really hard to actually adopt something new when there are parties that are against it.

Disadvantages? Obviously, Litecoin is more centralized than Bitcoin. If anyone wants to target Litecoin, they could attack me.

Read the full interview here: Blog.sfox
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