Subject: 🚀 Zcash "Sapling" hard fork

Market Cap: $214,131,635,889
BTC Dominance: 52.7%
24h Vol: $10,658,970,036
ETH Dominance: 9.82%
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BTC:       $6,505   (0.10%)
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BCH:       $441      (-0.34%)
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XLM:       $0.236   (-0.16%)
LTC:        $52.38    (0.04%)
ADA:       $0.073    (-0.46%)
XMR:       $104       (-0.88%)
DASH:     $155       (-0.57%)
MIOTA:    $0.493    (0.72%)
TRX:        $0.023    (-0.01%)
Zcash "Sapling" hard fork will make transactions 6x faster with 100x less memory use

The Zcash blockchain will undergo a hard fork on October 29 (Block 419200). It will come with an upgrade hat introduces significant efficiency improvements for shielded transactions. Codenamed "Sapling", the upgrade "will allow shielded transfers to be completed with about 100 times less memory and probably six or more times faster." CTO of Zcash Company Nathan Wilcox said.

Zcash is one of many privacy focused cryptocurency implementing Zero-Knowledge snarks to obsecure data.

Source: Z.Cash
Sony Unveils "Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Technology" in press release

Sony CSL, the research unit of Sony has announced it had created a contactless cryptocurrency hardware wallet in a press release Tuesday. 

"Sony CSL has developed a contactless IC card type hardware wallet which includes mutual authentication/encrypted communication technology by applying Sony’s expertise in contactless IC card technology cultivated over many years". the release explains.

Sony is the latest many multinationals experimenting with blockchain technology in recent years, releasing several solutions and applying for patents related to blockchain hardware.

"Cryptocurrency illegal in India" Head of Trade Orginization

IT Trade Organization NASSCOM president Debjani Ghosh expressed that cryptocurrencies were "illegal" in India and asked players to obey the law and seek clarification from the government. “It is [the] law of the land and hence, we have to work with it,” Ghosh claimed about cryptocurrency’s ‘illegal’ status.

Cryptocurrency is indeed currently legal in India, but in July the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) banned the country’s banks from servicing businesses involved in exchanging or processing digital assets. Ghosh’s comments come after police clamped down this week on a project from crypto exchange Unocoin, arresting its co-founders after they installed a Bitcoin ATM in a Bangalore shopping mall.

🎲 What is Fidelity Digital Assets?

Fidelity is launching a crypto trading desk, with Fidelity Digital Asset Services (FDAS) becoming the first Wall Street firm to open to open one, with cold storage and all for digital assets. 

The FDAS is a subsidiary of Fidelity, soly focused on offering products pertaining to digital assets such as Bitcoin & Ethereum. Fidelity getting into crypto means something when leading crypto exchanges such as Binance earmark the event:

CZ_Binance tweeted: "What happens when a fund like Fidelity allocates a mere 5% of their portfolio to crypto? Have you calculated how much that is?"

Fidelity found that 70% of institutional investors said that new asset classes will likely emerge because of advancing technologies such as blockchain. Bakkt and FDAS only helps in kick starting the SEC to regulate more aspects of crypto including a pending Bitcoin ETF.

FDAS will seek to scale market adoption by offering:
1. Institutional-Grade Custody of Digital Assets
2. Trade Execution
3. Dedicated Client Service

As more diversified financial services firms put a stake in crypto, that's billions of dollars heading in the direction of decentralization and bblockchain, investing in the future of crypto singularity.

Check out the full story: Medium
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